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About us

About us

Why We Got Started

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when a brilliant idea comes to you, when inspiration strikes just the right notes to show you the path waiting ahead. Not us. We love traveling! That’s how we got the idea for Newverest. It’s as simple as that.

Okay, maybe not quite that simple. There is a bit of a story behind it. Our best friend was having a birthday, and we were on the hunt for the perfect gift. Only all the good gifts had already been taken. Our bestie is an enthusiastic traveler, but what’s the perfect gift for a traveler? We didn’t want something you can pull off a shelf at any big chain superstore, we wanted something special. Something that would really connect with him.

That’s when we found the thing that would change our lives forever – the Scratch Off map. What better gift for an explorer than a way to keep their memories alive? They can showcase the places they’ve been and plan the places they want to go. But all the maps we found were cheap and poorly made. Even with so many sellers, they were just copying each other’s badly made designs. Heck, we could do better than that. Voila! The Newverest Scratch Off Map was born.

About us

How We Got Started

We knew we needed a design that would really WOW people. And it couldn’t be cheap or poorly made. In other words, we wanted to avoid all the problems we’d come across ourselves in searching for a scratch off map.

So we got busy coming up with a fresh new design no one had ever seen before, and accessories that no one else was including. Once we knew we had the quality we wanted, we needed to make sure customers had a way to protect their map during the shipping process and when giving it as a gift.

Our hard work paid off. Newverest’s gift tube is the best and easiest way to store your map while waiting to give it to that special person in your life. It ships in the tube, so no harm will come to it as it makes its way to you.

Newverest’s Trek Scratche® has already sold and shipped to thousands of happy travelers, and that number is increasing daily. Who are you going to give yours to?

About us
About us

What’s Our Philosophy?

Our philosophy is free yourself and live life simply. Our brand name shows that. Newverest comes from 2 words – New and Everest. We’re guessing you’ve probably heard of Mount Everest, one of the biggest mountains in the world. We want to inspire people to explore the world, search new horizons, and achieve your biggest dreams. But don’t just stop with one dream, keep setting bigger and better goals for yourself with every accomplishment.

Everyone’s goals are different. For one person, their “New Everest” might be to leave their hometown and visit their neighboring state. For others, it could be to set foot on Antarctica. Facing your fears and living life to its fullest is what Newverest is all about. We want you to expand your horizons, explore the world, and love this adventure called life. Join our Newverest family today.